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Zigo Mango

The Zigo Mango is the premier stroller, jogging stroller, and kids bike trailer combination.

With the Zigo Mango X2 Complete, everything that you need to walk, run, or bike with your child is included. And it folds compactly, so you can take your Mango adventure with you anywhere.

There is no need to buy any add-on or accessory kits. Caster wheels, a jogging arm, and a bike trailer kit all are included standard, making the Zigo Mango the Action Stroller for active moms and dads. The side-by-side design luxuriously accommodates two children (extra harness required.) So stroll in the morning, jog in the afternoon, and then bike in the evening. The Zigo Mango lets you and your family enjoy an active outdoor lifestyle. From the alloy frame to the sleek Zigo design, the Zigo Mango is the must-have baby and parent accessory.

The Zigo Mango is only available manufacturer direct from Zigo. We've cut out the middleman to offer you the best trailer, stroller, jogger combination that you can buy at an unbeatable price. Visit our on-line store for the best bike trailer.

For a kids bike trailer, an infant bike trailer, a jogging stroller, or a walking stroller, Mango can't be beat.