Press Release

Zigo debuts new products at ABC Kids Expo
Zigo® Mango™ Stroller/Trailer/Jogger and Zigo® Leader™ X1 highlighted

South Orange, NJ, September 4, 2009: Zigo, Inc. today announced that it will be introducing several new products at this year's ABC Kids Expo, expanding on its award-winning Zigo® Leader™ Carrier Bicycle System.

Zigo® Mango™: The Zigo® Mango™ is the stroller for active families. A fully functional stroller out-of-the-box, it also functions as a bicycle trailer with the included trailer kit or a jogger with an optional jogger kit. It can accommodate either one or two children.

"The addition of the Mango to our product line allows families access to a Zigo quality product at an entry-level price point," explained Marc Urbaski, Zigo's Director of North American Sales. "Unlike the Zigo Leader Carrier Bicycle System, the Mango does not include a bicycle and cannot be used as a front-positioned carrier bicycle. It is a conventional rear-hitch child trailer and stroller combination."

Zigo® Leader™ X1: The Zigo® Leader™ X1, available in Spring 2010, is a one child version of the Zigo® Leader™ Carrier Bicycle System. The product is built for one child and is narrower and sleeker than the two-child Zigo® Leader™ X2.

"By making the ChildPod a little smaller, we also improve the turning radius," explained Joel Hoag, Zigo's Vice President of Engineering and Design. Zigo® Leader™ X2: Beginning Fall 2009, the Zigo® Leader™ X2, the two-child version of the Zigo® Leader™ Carrier Bicycle System, will be available with either a 3-speed or 7-speed Shimano Nexus hub on the cycle.

"The 3-gear Zigo® Leader™ is suitable for most environments," commented Zigo's Marc Urbanski. "However, for areas with more varied terrain, the broader range of the 7-gear is recommended."

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