Press Release

SOMA Cycle, Inc. (dba Zigo) To Introduce the Zigo LEADER™ at Interbike - 09/18/07
First Multi-purpose Carrier Bike For Transporting Children

South Orange, NJ, September 18, 2007: SOMA Cycle, Inc. (dba Zigo) today announced that it will introduce the Zigo LEADER™ at the Interbike show in Las Vegas, NV, September 26-28, 2007.

"For specialty bicycle retailers in search of new revenue streams, the Zigo LEADER™ represents an entirely new concept that speaks to families both inside and outside of the traditional cycling customer base" explained Russel Bockin, Soma Cycles' Vice President of Sales & Marketing.

The Zigo LEADER is a lightweight, foldable bicycle with an integrated child carrier and four distinct operating modes:

  • As a three-wheeled carrier bike, with an adult cyclist turning the pedals and one or two children in the forward-located Child Pod™, it is the ideal vehicle for transporting children or recreational cycling; while riding, parents can easily keep an eye on their kids in the forward-located Child Pod™.
  • The Child Pod™ converts in seconds to a jogging stroller suitable for use on multiple surfaces.
  • The Child Pod™ is also configurable as a maneuverable standard-format stroller with caster wheels, allowing the LEADER™ to be used around the neighborhood, in the mall, or on a boardwalk or walking path.
  • Finally, the urban-style bicycle is light and maneuverable, with or without the detachable Child Pod™.

The LEADER™ converts easily between these familiar and functional modes and still folds compactly for storage.

"The LEADER™ is truly a first-in-class product for the specialty retail market," said Bockin "By replacing four existing products in one integrated, modular design, it has the potential to revolutionize child transport and recreation in this country. The combination of a light-weight carrier bike that converts into a jogging stroller, an ordinary stroller, and an urban-style bicycle gives it unbeatable appeal for today's active parents, and brings an entirely new group of customers into bike shops."

SOMA Cycle, Inc. (dba Zigo) designs and develops human-powered vehicles, strollers, and carrier bikes for use by active parents or other caregivers along with their children. Its first product is the Zigo LEADER™ and related accessories.